Who Says a Dead Man Can't Live a Little?

Amedeus Lavoisier, the once Marquis D'Ioria, and now just a human. In unlife he had been a thing of terrifying and dark beauty, but with his unlife snuffed out and warmth thrust into his form, he now is little more than the farmboy he had been all those millennia ago. His hair is fiery red and long, while his thin, gentle features are pale and speckled with freckles.

The truth surrounding the late Marquis' death and subsequent resurrection are still shrouded in mystery to all save a few, namely those that made him the late Marquis. He now travels the lands in relative anonymity trying to piece together the facts of his fall from dark grace, and bring terrible vengeance upon those who did him in. His funds are still plentiful, though in time even those will begin to run dry.

Where once his secret empire stretched from the subterranean halls of Barra Lanke, to the frosted peaks of Kuro, his holdings now are reduced to the manor of WillowWood, which is locked even to him to keep in the horrors that still reside within, and his room at the Bitter Tree. He cannot even reach his closet, and thus only owns one pair of pants worth wearing. (The rest are quite fine, but they are not worth getting killed over.)